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In the present crisis, everything related to “low cost” has come into fashion, and you can find all sorts of offers in travel, clothing, accessories and even services. Therefore, even in the field of translation you can find “low cost” deals for English - Hindi and Hind i- English translations. Although at first glance this may seem a good thing, it may not be as good as it seems: all that glitters is not gold! A good English - Hindi or Hindi - English translation requires time, dedication, experience and a good knowledge of the source language and of the subject matter, and, of course, the translator should only translate into their mother tongue.

At Cosmolingo we are aware of this, so we only work with highly qualified professional translators with many years’ experience in translating from English to Hindi. For us quality is paramount and this is reflected in our work. Request a free quote!

The Hindi language

Before we start, let us clarify a fairly common confusion of terms: Indians are the inhabitants of India, whereas Hindus are those who profess Hinduism, which is just one of the many religions practiced in the country—albeit one of the most important—and Hindi is the language we are referring to in this section.

Hindi (which as you will have guessed also belongs to the Indo-European language family) is one of the official languages of India, a distinction it shares with English and a score of other languages in various other regions of this large and diverse country (one of these languages is Urdu, which we shall refer to in a separate section, since the two languages have a close relationship of «intimate enemies»). But do not think that it is an insignificant dialect, because it brings together no less than almost a billion speakers throughout the world, with large communities in United States and the UK.

The written form is based on the Devanagari alphabet. This is a phonetic alphabet, so it is read exactly as it is written, making the learning process easier. For political and religious reasons, Hindi speakers have incorporated much Sanskrit vocabulary to distinguish themselves from their Pakistani neighbors, who use words of Arabic origin. We recommend you to see the section on Urdu for further information on this issue.

The influence of India in the field of international relations cannot be underestimated: it is one of the largest countries in the world and some say that within just a decade it will also be the most populous. Moreover, India’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, despite the great inequalities suffered by its people, so it has great weight in the World Trade Organization. Last but not least, it is the third largest military power in the world and has consistently refused to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban and Nuclear Non-proliferation treaties.